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40x60 house plan 2400 Sq ft Duplex House,

House Size: 2400 sqft
Bedroom: 3
Bathroom: 3
40x60 house plan

40x60 house plan

Villa - Duplex House

40×60 house plan

40×60 house plans

40×60 house plans,66 by 42 home plans for your dream house. Plan is narrow from the front as the front is 60 ft and the depth is 60 ft. There are 6 bedrooms and 2 attached bathrooms . It has three floors 100 sq yards house plan. The total covered area is 1746 sq ft. One of the bedrooms is on the ground floor. It has view of the Patio that serves the purpose of ventilation as well. The stairs come up on the terrace and then the entry to the first floor is in the lounge, leaving the bedrooms wide and roomy for 100 sq yards house.

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Ground Floor


First Floor


Second Floor




Iplan is narrow from the front as the front is 42 ft and the depth is 50 ft. There are 6 bedrooms and 2 attached bathrooms . It has three floors 100 sq yards house plan

Property Features

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  1. First of all assalamu alikum sir
    Sir we need house design in which 3 bedrooms 1 guest room and kitchen and bathrooms with every rooms and hall


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