Vastu Shastra tips for your kitchen

Vastu Shastra tips for your kitchen


​Southeast Corner

According to Vastu, the lord of fire, Agni prevails in the southeast direction of the home, which means the ideal placement of kitchen is in the southeast direction of your house.

If you can’t find a suitable space in the southeast direction, the northwest direction will work just as well.

Exhaust Fans and Windows

  • Vastu says that there should be at least one or two windows in the kitchen. Large or small, the kitchen window should always face east. For ventilators, you can count on the southern direction of the house. As for Vastu, the more ventilated your kitchen is, the better it is. Just like the huge windows facing outwards in this room.



Storage is an important part of the kitchen as we need to store food, grains, as well as utensils without creating any mess. The storage cupboards are better fitted to the southern and western wall of the kitchen. Avoid placing them in the north and east walls. A clutter free arrangement is preferred the most in this case, just like the kitchen here.

Water in the Kitchen


  • Water bottle, filters, or any related vessels are the water element of the house and for this, there cannot be a better place than the north-east side.


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