Vaastu tips to bring good luck to your home

Vaastu tips to bring good luck to your home

Vastu Shastra is an amazing blend of science, art, astronomy and astrology. It can also be said to be an ancient mystic science or philosophy for designing the building that help to make our lives better. It literally means the science of architecture. It is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature: air, water, earth, space and fire and balances them with the man and materials of the house. The basic principle of vastu is to create a balance in the environment to make the house a home where we can find mental solace and also have the opportunity to enhance health, wealth, good luck and prosperity.

However, it is not a magic wand that could change your life overnight. It is a discipline that does affect your life, but gradually. Though usually the buildings are designed according to the principles of vastu, still there are a few basic vastu tips that we can follow in the decor of the house to bring in happiness and prosperity in our life.

We have compiled 7 simple vastu tips that can bring good luck and wealth in our home. Have a look!

Vastu For Locker Room

Tips to build a house according to Vastu Shastra

The location of a locker room determines the material affluence of a house. According to vastu shastra, locker rooms must be idyllically located in the northern direction. Also, it’s very important to make sure the room is well protected and apt to keep jewelry and cash. This section will deal with vastu shastra tips pertaining to locker room.